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Ironwood Shingle Roof Supplier Company

RajaSirap is a Company that serves the sale of Sirap Roof that has experienced decades, using Kayu Ulin or commonly called Iron Wood is undoubtedly for quality as raw material of Sirap Roof to survive and durable for tens of years. We always maintain Shingle Quality with a strict Quality Control to conform to the standardization of Products to the Export out of the country such as Australia, Middle East, Asia, Europe and so on.

Currently We are present in Jabodetabek • Bali • Banjarmasin & Sampit to meet the need for Shingle Roof in Indonesia also the World with the lot of product availability, We also serve the demand from domestic market and worldwide to export with fast delivery time, Documents & Cargo at very competitive prices. Trust with our experienced, so whenever you need Ironwood Shingle Roof please contact us at +62812-9690-4790


• Very Competitive Price
• Fast Delivery Process
• Products with Export Quality
• Availability of Multiple Goods
• Circle Machine Fabrication Method
• Quality & Quality Always Awake

Our Services

• Installation of Wood / Steel Frame Syringes
• Delivery Destination Local & Abroad
• Document Legality Management
• Working on Various Rattan Handicrafts
• Coconut Wood Processing Super Padang
• Making Gazebo (Saung)

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